All Photography is Fun

Urban client portraits

I am a commercial and editorial photographer. That means that my clients are people who need images to tell the stories behind their people, products and brands.

That’s why, when I was recently referred to someone that needed Senior Photos, my initial, internal dialogue went something like: “You can’t do that – you’re a commercial photographer!”

After some quick thought though, I went back to the realization that a) They needed the photos FAST (Izzy – the senior – had “forgotten” ☺) and this would be a nice thing to do, b) I shoot people all the time – I CAN do this, c) they liked my work, wanted something unique, and actually chose me because I wasn’t a senior portrait photographer and d) I love taking pictures. No mater what really. There’s just something inexplicably satisfying about looking at a great picture – be it a product, person, place or otherwise – and having a chance to make some more is always a good time. Oh, and e) They said they liked my work and I’m a sucker for simple flattery.

All that to report that I said yes, had a great time, and made some great shots of Izzy that she loves. Yes, it’s true – ALL photography is fun.